Beautiful stained glass window inside Ladywell chapel

Conference Facilities

Conference Facilities

Large conference room

This has seating available for up to 60 people.   A loop system is available for those with hearing aids. The room is light and airy with windows down both sides.  Each window has blinds. There are three large flat screen televisions that can be connected to IT for slide shows or powerpoint presentations and which play DVD's. There is also pull down screen and two mobile screens available.  WiFi is available for all guests.

St. Mary’s lounge

This is a comfortable place in which to relax. It can seat up to 26 people very comfortably. TV, DVD and video players are available for the use of residents and retreatants.

The “Quiet Room”

This room can be used for smaller groups or individual days of prayer.

Interior shot of relaxation and quiet room at Ladywell Retreat